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As per the direction of the Ontario goverment, Majestic Locs as well as other personal services will be temporarily shutting down business in response to increasing COVID-19 epedemic

November 23, 2020 - December 21, 2020

All currently scheduled appointments have been cancelled until new possiblities re-open on December 22, 2020. Our Online Appointment Booker will remain active so we encourage you to book your appointments well in advance,

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Good dreadlocks shampoo for washing?

Reduce residue built up in your hair by using an all natural clarifying (transparent) shampoo of your choice. Liquified black soap shampoo for example works up a great lather and deeply cleans your dreadlocks.

Best way to remove lint trapped in dreadlocks?

You may purchase apple cider vinegar for an ACV wash. This will help put the link and unwanted residue to the surface of the hair making it easier to pick out. For deeply rooted lint you may use a tweezer to careful remove the lint.

Treatments for dry and flaky scalp?

Coconut oil is a great choice to dramatically reduce the amount of dandruff created while keeeping your hair shiny and moisturized. Other natural oils however such as argan oil, black seesd oil and oilve oil will also provide beneficial treatment for dry flaky scalp.

When to wash dreadlocks after startup installation?

You may wait about three to four weeks before your first wash. This would provide time for your hair to set and get use to the form. When ready, be gently and let your running water and shampoo do most of the work until your dreadlocks are cured.