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As per the direction of the Ontario goverment, Majestic Locs as well as other personal services will be temporarily shutting down business in response to increasing COVID-19 epedemic

November 23, 2020 - December 21, 2020

All currently scheduled appointments have been cancelled until new possiblities re-open on December 22, 2020. Our Online Appointment Booker will remain active so we encourage you to book your appointments well in advance,

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What are the advantages of Crochet Dreadlocks?

Stacked up against the other dreadlocks methods crochet dreadlocks offers the fastest locking solution that’s available. Clients benefit from an accelerated curing process due to the massive entanglement created by the pointy crochet needle. After the crochet dreadlocks session is complete you will be pleased that your hair will have the instant appearance of mature … Read more

What hair type is best suited for Crochet Dreadlocks?

Though the crochet locking method is highly recommended for most, hair texture and client personality are two things to consider in terms of the best suitability. The texture of hair best suited for crochet dreadlocks are individuals that possess straight and wavy hair types. Persons of European or Asian ancestry benefit most  This is because … Read more

How long does the Crochet Dreadlocks process take?

The crochet dreadlocks process can take anywhere from four (4) to eight (8) hours depending on the amount and length of hair (including loc extensions). Complimentary movies and refreshments are always available to enjoy. Expect to take a break or two for longer appointments. Parking, WiFi access and a clean restroom is also available for … Read more

Can I remove crochet dreadlocks after the process is complete?

With some effort newly formed crochet dreadlocks may be removed with a fine tooth comb, however when the crochet dreadlocks reach maturity lots of conditioner will be needed along with the fine tooth comb to eventually loosen your hair. Before deciding to crochet your hair be sure that a permanent dreadlocks solution is what you … Read more

What are Crochet Dreadlocks and how are they formed?

Crochet dreadlocks are separated strands of hair that have been formed (manicured) by a crochet needle. The action of the crochet needle creates knotted hair from base to tip forming the appearance of a dreadlock