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Do you wash Clients hair?

No. Thoroughly wash your own hair prior to each visit. By not doing so may result in you being turned away without service.

When to wash dreadlocks after startup installation?

You may wait about three to four weeks before your first wash. This would provide time for your hair to set and get use to the form. When ready, be gently and let your running water and shampoo do most of the work until your dreadlocks are cured.

How do I wash my dreadlocks?

Choose a natural shampoo that builds up a good lather to carry unwanted material away. Wash hair as you normally would by lathering and thoroughly getting into the scalp. Squeeze water out of the ends of your dreadlocks to help the drying process. As your hair lengthens your wet dreadlocks will become increasly heavier. Sectioning … Read more How do I wash my dreadlocks?

Good dreadlocks shampoo for washing?

Reduce residue built up in your hair by using an all natural clarifying (transparent) shampoo of your choice. Liquified black soap shampoo for example works up a great lather and deeply cleans your dreadlocks.

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