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The Big Chop towards Reinvention

If you’ve grown tired of constantly relaxing your hair with harmful chemicals and/or feeling dependant  on synthetic means to style your hair, then the Big Chop is definitely something that has occupied your thoughts for some time. That being said, no matter the damage and frustration you can cause yourself, committing to the Big Chop is a hurdle for most of us due to fear of the unknown.  The keys for overcoming any apprehension related to the Big Chop is to first acquire the know-how to maintain your natural hair and secondly having the ideas and know-how to pull off the simple but yet versatile natural hairstyles you love. Once you are comfortable with these keys, you will find that your feelings of apprehension will transform itself into shear excitement to proceed.

Getting over the Big Chop Fears

I’m not one to harbor on fears but when it comes to the Big Chop the prospects of removing your chemically altered hair can be intimidating. Overcoming mental barriers such as societal prejudices and stereotypes will allow you to really embrace the natural you. Remember the reward for conformity is that everyone will like you except yourself. Arm yourself with the “how to’s” of natural hair and style your natural hair accordingly to match every event.

Natural Hair Maintenance TIPS

Oils – Moisturizing your hair regularly is essential for the nourishment and beautification of your hair and it will help prevent hair breakage as well. Applied when needed, oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and argan oil allow your natural hair to flourish.

Hair products – The list of hair products and promises made are enormous. When you decide to purchase look for label ingredients that  help protect, moisturize, and condition your natural hair such as; aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba oil, biotin and cholesterol among others ingredients.

Bedtime protection – Use satin and silk scarves, do rags or pillowcases to protect your hair. Long nights sleeping on a cotton pillowcase will dry out your hair and lead to breakage.

Knowledge base – Continue to always educate yourself on the latest natural hair techniques. Following reputable pages on social media networks is an easy way to learn more advance hair care techniques such as hair masks, deep conditioning and hot oil treatments.

Natural Hairstyles after the Big Chop

Hairstyles in the gallery below are just some of the styles that can be achieved immediately after the Big Chop. These quick and easy hairstyles include the always popular twist-out, shaped afro, corn rows, comb coils and bantu knots.



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