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Pre-made Crochet Loc Extensions Service

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While cruising urban Toronto, Melonie shares 100% human hair product

Hi everyone, today I would like to introduce to you guys a new service that we have available.

It is pre-made crochet loc extensions service, yes its available to you guys now you can get your order in and we can install it.

I would like to so you an example of what this pre-made crochet loc extensions looks like. We do have it for all nations of hair, whether its straight or kinky or not, today I’m going to show you what we do have. What I’m introducing is the afro kinky bulk kind. So if you do have afro hair this is what the pre-made crochet loc extensions look like. This one is a fourteen inch variety. Its is crocheted. Here is the tip. This is where it will be crocheted into your hair. This is where it will be installed from.

So this will be installed by using a crochet needle and if your hair is short don’t worry you can still get the pre-made crochet loc extensions service. Also, if you hair has length its fine, it will be attached coming more from the ends of your hair. So whether you have short or long hair this pre-made crochet loc extensions will work.

This a fourteen inch. It is made of one hundred percent human hair, so get your order in.

Now some of the benefits. You don’t have to wait eight hours to get your loc extensions installed. This new service is approximately five hours. Only five hours to get this hair installed.

We also have lots of sizes. You know if you what your hair pencil size, finger size, and so on, there are many different sizes. Point four, point six, point eight, one inch. Ok so get your pre order in.

Once you do get your order in, it does take approximately thirty days. So about thirty day you’ll get your pre-made crochet loc extensions installed. We do have to order it and you can order the length that you want as well as the size.

So we are taking orders asap. So if you want your order in contact us at and get your order in. We’ll have it installed for you in about thirty days. So get your order in. Once again its pre-made crochet loc extensions service, the latest service that we have available at Majestic Locs. It’s flexible, it’s natural, it intertwines with your hair, you never have to cut it out because it is human hair.

So get your order in today. Right away. Order it!

Premade Crochet Locs Extensions


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