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High Top Locs Service is a Hot Choice

11 September 2020 by admin

sides and back of head shaven with high top locs hair style
High Top Locs for Clients with shaven sides and back of the head

From tiny three inch buds to a long eye catching pony tail, High Top Locs are hot and continue to be a growing favourite for men. This doesn’t mean that woman can’t wear the style too, its just that women are not as accustomed to cutting their hair as men do. For the females who do wear High Top Locs, they are provided with the same style appeal and easier manageability of their Locs similarly to men.

The hairstyle is referred to as High Top Locs because the sides and back of the head are shaven, highlighting the wearers crown and choice hairdo. Without the presence of hair on the sides and back of the head, the hairstyle presents a unimpeded and inviting space for those close to you. Furthermore, this fierce looking style embodies the youthful and playful nature of those that chose to wear it.

sides and back of head shaven with high top locs hair style
for those always on the go, High Top Locs requires less time to maintain

High Top Locs Service is Charge by the Hour

Despite the good style points possessed by this Locs style, its still remains all too practical. Choosing this particular style saves you time in the Loctician’s chair, meaning you save more time and dollars by having less hair. The Locs style is also easier to wash while consuming less of your personal supplies. Most importantly, an hourly rate fee ($50/hr) instead of the usual flat rate fee ensures fairness across the board for Clients. Our Clients never have to question as to why they are being charged like everyone else even though they have half the hair.

High Top Locs don’t just keep you cool by keeping unwanted hair away from your ears in the summer. This hairdo is socially cool everywhere too!

Come visit us at majestic Locs to get on board with one of our most practical and popular services.

High Top Locs

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