Majestic Locs


Toronto's Dreadlocks Specialist

We are Temporarily Closed

As per the direction of the Ontario goverment, Majestic Locs as well as other personal services will be temporarily shutting down business in response to increasing COVID-19 epedemic

November 23, 2020 - December 21, 2020

All currently scheduled appointments have been cancelled until new possiblities re-open on December 22, 2020. Our Online Appointment Booker will remain active so we encourage you to book your appointments well in advance,

Be Alert - Stay Safe - Self Isolate

Paving the Way for Locs Nation

Majestic Locs owners understand what it means to be dismissed and marginalized. We are Jamaican entrepreneurs fortunate enough to be living the Canadian dream. That’s why our business principles begin firstly with compassion for others.

Our Locs Nation includes; white, black, brown, red and yellow people. We service clients who belong to all major religious faiths and the Atheists alike. We welcome persons of all sexual orientation to partake in our services as well as the ability to join our team.

We feel blessed to conduct business in the worlds greatest city and among the beloved business district on Weston. Undoubtedly marked by its world class cultural diversity, Toronto is the best example demonstrating the true face of the global Locs Nation.

I stand next to this construction steam roller because Locs Nation is so diverse and powerful.  Our entire team is wholeheartedly committed to and in the mode of building better, faster and more affordable Locs services for our Clients

The great news for our fans is that we’re just getting started. We thank our supporters for enabling us with the capacity to build, shape, and fine tune our services to their needs. We are currently developing our product list for in-store and online purchases which will be powered by Canada Post checkout system. We also have some more renovations to complete opening up more space in Studio One. Our website which now runs on its own dedicated server requires lots of attention to further educate our growing viewership.

This is an amazingly exciting time for us and we look forward each day to greet our team and Clients within a safe and accepting environment. There is nothing more satisfying to us than helping clients make the right decisions for their Locs and then completing the service to their obvious delight.

We look forward to seeing you soon also at 13 John Street (weston@lawrence).

Official Landmark for Locs Nation

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