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Damaged Dreadlocks are Usually Self-inflicted


Lack of routine and correct dreadlocks care can lead to damaged dreadlocks. If you struggle with damaged dreadlocks and seek a solution to getting back to that healthy look and feel, here are a few simple things you may want to avoid. Dry Damaged Dreadlocks To maintain healthy dreadlocks it is essential to oil your … Read more

The Flat-twist Mohawk is a Natural Hairstyle for Your Dreads

Ladies are you looking for a natural hairstyle to put that pep back into your step? If you’re tired of the same old hairdo and would like something a little bit more captivating, then the Flat-twist Mohawk may be the right natural hairstyle for you. Flat-Twist Mohawk Hairstyle The Mohawk hairstyle is not a hairdo … Read more

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