We are Temporarily Closed

As per the direction of the Ontario goverment, Majestic Locs as well as other personal services will be temporarily shutting down business in response to increasing COVID-19 epedemic

November 23, 2020 - December 21, 2020

All currently scheduled appointments have been cancelled until new possiblities re-open on December 22, 2020. Our Online Appointment Booker will remain active so we encourage you to book your appointments well in advance

Be Alert - Stay Safe - Self Isolate

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Video | Pre-made Crochet Loc Extensions Service

18 October 2020 by admin

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Hi everyone, today I would like to introduce to you guys a new service that we have available. It is pre-made crochet loc extensions service, yes its available to you guys now you can get your order in and we can install it. I would like to so you an example of what this pre-made … read more

UPDATE ON THE BIZ | September 2020

27 September 2020 by admin

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COVID-19 UPDATE Amid the threat of Covid-19 we continue to be optimistic and take the necessary steps to ensure that our Clients are safe when visiting our 1 Stop Locs Shop. Door knobs and pushes, counters, chairs and washroom facilities are disinfected routinely for everyone’s safety. Should you forget your mask upon visiting we have … read more

High Top Locs Service is a Hot Choice

11 September 2020 by admin

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From tiny three inch buds to a long eye catching pony tail, High Top Locs are hot and continue to be a growing favourite for men. This doesn’t mean that woman can’t wear the style too, its just that women are not as accustomed to cutting their hair as men do. For the females who … read more

Paving the Way for Locs Nation

6 September 2020 by admin

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Majestic Locs owners understand what it means to be dismissed and marginalized. We are Jamaican entrepreneurs fortunate enough to be living the Canadian dream. That’s why our business principles begin firstly with compassion for others. Our Locs Nation includes; white, black, brown, red and yellow people. We service clients who belong to all major religious … read more

VIDEO | Unboxing Mala Coconut Oil

18 August 2020 by admin

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