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New Privacy Windows Reveal Pulse of Weston


On a lovely autumn afternoon, spotted happily standing next to her newly installed privacy windows, is Melonie (owner/operator – Majestic Locs). Brought forth by a clean custom design, Majestic Locs is moving forward in a progressive way. With Majestic Locs prime dreadlocks location the addition of privacy windows are among the first steps taken to facelift the storefront.

When asked about the tagline on the privacy window which reads “Toronto’s Dreadlocks Specialist”, Melonie comments, “the word ‘specialist’ is key because it reveals that I’m highly skilled at what I do. It also means no matter what the hair situation, I always have my Clients backs”.


The primary benefit of privacy windows is that it secures a space by preventing those on the outside from seeing inside. The great selling point is that you can accomplish your privacy needs while still having clear visibility from inside. Modern privacy windows will allow Clients to receive Majestic Locs services in a private way, all awhile soaking up a bit of the local walker’s paradise.

CUSTOMIZED STYLINGprivacy-windows-front-door

To create a clean, sophisticated feel, a marble background was used on the window graphic. Upon closer observation gold highlights within the marble can be seen. The gold highlights reminds us of the Majestic Locs gold logo and the amazing possibilities amidst dreadlocks creation. Furthermore, bold text spanning across 3 large windows are placed on top of the marble background. The overall look created by our friends at My Canvas Breeze is simply clean and refined.

Quite impressively, the overall window dimensions are a grand size of 15’x6′. Studio One offers Clients a space with an airy feel and great perspective. A choice to limit the privacy window height to 54” up the window allows plenty of sunlight to illuminate Studio One. Additionally, custom privacy window height of 54″ allows coverage for Clients up to 6’2.



The large Green P parking lot across the street is a constant for commuters, shoppers and local traffic. Adding to the exposure, junior streets of John, King and Church St link Jane to Weston Road, ushering pedestrians into the local area. Come and visit Majestic Locs for yourself. Learn more about Majestic Locs, the brand that provides the best local dreadlocks services available.

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