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My Story | How I Became Toronto’s Dreadlocks Specialist

My Story Transcript |

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my page. 

My name is Melonie and I’m the Owner of Majestic s Hair Studios, we are located in my hometown city of Toronto.

It’s always a pleasure to meet new friends, those that have already grown to cherish their Locs as well as those who are about to begin their own Locs journey.

My personal story begins back in high school where I enjoyed styling my own hair. Every single week was a new style. Originally back then I had a perm.

I give a lot of credit to my husband to be. He had asked me one day, “Melonie, when was the last time you saw your hair?”. I really couldn’t answer him because I didn’t remember. I always had my hair straight and I couldn’t remember what my natural hair looked like. 

When I was nineteen years old I did the “big chop”. I felt so free! No more chemicals, no more flat irons, no more money spent on straightening my hair. I enjoyed my new hairstyle. It was a nice fro. Not a big size fro, I cut my hair short and you know I looked in the mirror with the scissors in my hands and I just started cutting. My hair was only about four to five inches long, but I loved my hair. I loved seeing the curls and waves. I was so relieved to get rid of the straight hair. 

So as my fro got a little bit longer, I got a little bit bored so I wanted to do something new. I’ve been admiring Locs for the longest while so one day I met a young lady who did Locs. She installs them. I had asked her to do mine and she said yes, so I was so excited to get my Locs. She did the comb coils in my hair and I loved them. It took a while to lock. Comb coils is not the best method to start off with but back then comb coils and wax it what everyone used.

I had maintained the Locs on my own once she had installed them for me. Many years had past and people started asking me, “who did your hair?”, “what salon do I go to?” I always use to tell them I do it myself because that’s what I’m used to doing. They were like, “could you do mine? I’ll pay you”, and I’m like “no, no, no”. 

There was a lady that lived in my area. She always wanted me to do her hair. I was avoiding her. One day I saw her in the grocery store and she called me out. She said, “Melonie why are you avoiding me?”. You know she is cussing me out in the grocery store. She wouldn’t take no for an answer so I wound up doing her hair. It came out quite nice. I started her off with the two strand twist and she also gave me a referral which was her mother. So I was very happy and pleased. This was in 2011 and I didn’t stop doing Locs ever since. So she became my first Client and then began posting ads on Kijiji and stuff like that just looking for new Clientele. 

Fast forward to 2019 Majestic Locs has a dedicated location at 13 John Street on Weston Road. Here I continue to welcome new friends into our fraternity. I’d like to thank all my Clients for their support and a special thanks to those that have been there for me since my humble beginnings. I thank you

There is no better time to make a trip to Majestic Locs. I can help steer you into the right direction for better Locs. The best possible Locs. You can book an appointment with me at

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