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Aside from us unconsciously toying with our hair, our rapidly changing environment takes a significant toll on the health of our hair. We have all dealt with high wind, snow, rain and heat, however for local motor cyclist Taswrell, the challenges posed by nature are amplified ten fold during time spent enjoying motorcycle rides. Increased winds during rides and cold is why regular maintenance and care is vital for Taswrell.

Majestic Locs Helps

Majestic Locs Clients are pre-booked and enjoy regular maintenance schedules that are based on their personalized hair care needs. As with Taswrell each and every Client is unique and are presented with a different set of hurdles which to overcome. Note here the term “hurdle” is used and not “wall” or any other sort of barrier. Majestic Locs believes that hurdles are intended to be routinely eclipsed with good technique and practice.

With the reliable service of Majestic Locs and Taswrell’s commitment to his personalized maintenance schedule, Taswrell no longer worries about rough winds or cold days. He now rides with confidence, free and clear, the way it was meant to be.

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