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Majestic Locs Added to John Street Storefronts


Majestic Locs establishes storefront in the heart of Weston at 13 John Street. After several months of searching for the right location the task is complete. Consequently, a monumental deal was struck to secure this awesome property on Weston.

An opportunity of a lifetime Majestic Locs will continue to flourish in a familiar environment.  A great addition to the Weston Road area, Majestic locs will inspire with bold self expression and creativity.

John Street Storefront

i-love-westonJohn Street sits at the commercial core of Weston Road between Church St and Wilby Crescent. At its doorstep Majestic Locs occupies a space that boast an impressive walkscore of 91, a walkers paradise people. One of Toronto’s most visually appealing business districts, Jamaicans are the largest group of Weston Road’s culturally diverse community. Unification of streets such as Lawrence Ave W, Jane St, and Eglinton W, makes Weston Road a pivotal cog for Caribbean culture in Toronto and throughout Canada. With the commercial opportunities present on Weston Road Majestic Locs would rather be nowhere else.

Key Storefront Features

  • 1050 square feet
  • available signage
  • central air conditioning
  • 2 washrooms
  • 2 parking spots
  • 91 walkscore
  • outstanding demographics
  • multi-camera security system
  • security doors front and back
  • ground level walkout
  • wheel chair accessible at rear

What to Expect Going Forward

A steady work in progress towards providing Clients with a storefront that has all the amenities you would expect from Toronto’s Dreadlocks Specialist. While updates are being made do expect limited access within the 1050 square foot unit. No worries though, service is currently available for all.

Clients are still getting wicked locs styles, the latest movies, free WiFi and refreshments. Females will be pleased that designated Client washrooms are available for use. Majestic Locs is working with Clients to add a little more flavour to an already spicy neighbourhood.

TTC to Storefront

TTC access to 13 John Street is very good.  Clients can use the 89 Weston bus and walk 30 seconds to Majestic Locs storefront. Other connecting routes linked with Weston Road include; 32 Eglinton West, 35 Jane, 52 Lawrence West, 59 Maple Leaf, 73 Royal York, and 79 Scarlett.


For Drivers

Several parking options are available for drivers visiting the storefront.

Two free parking spots are available for Clients at the rear of storefront.

Street side Green P ($2/hr) parking can be found on both side of John Street at storefront.  In addition, storefront parking can be found at the Green P lot across the street.

Immediate Service Available

Majestic Locs Online Booking Form is now open for business and appointments are on the way. Your due for your next hair appointment so hurry before you forget and book now.



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