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November 23, 2020 - December 21, 2020

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INTERVIEW: Majestic Locs on Current Developements

On November 1, 2011 Majestic Locs was born. Since then much has been learned and many happy Clients have received service. The year 2019 is a special year for Majestic Locs, perhaps the most important year since its birth. The highlight of 2019 happened when Majestic Locs made a location change to Weston Road and Lawrence. This important move helps to blows the doors off in terms of marketing potential going forward. In this exclusive interview below, Melonie (owner/operator) discusses some current developments for the company in 2019 and beyond.


Question 1 – What were your first impressions when you realized that Weston Road would in fact become Majestic Locs new home?|

Answer – I was so excited because of the 91 walk score that this particular street has to offer. What this means is that a large number of pedestrians will now know of Majestic Locs and be able to participate in the dreadlocks services offered. I also need to mention the good demographics in the area. We are situated in the heart of Weston Road, which is well known to have the ideal racial groups that give Majestic Locs its strongest support.

Question 2 – What future company objectives are of most interest to you?

Answer  – Getting the shop looking and operating to how we envision. For instance, getting some painting done and setting up the Majestic Locs Shop. A variety of products will be sold from natural hair care treatments, essential oils, human hair, hats and more. Making sure that Clients have access to these products is very important to me.

Secondly, I would like Majestic Locs to become more diversified. I’d like to see more ethnicities walking through my doors not afraid to wear locs and becoming a part of the Majestic Locs family. To encourage this, a multicultural set of Loctician’s will be sought after and trained. Getting your hair done is a personal service, like going to the doctor or dentist, people find comfort in the one they choose and tend to stick to that professional. I want Clients to accept service and be comfortable calling Majestic Locs home.


Question 3 –
Do you prefer your work being done from home or the shop?

Answer  – I prefer working from the shop because it better provides room for expansion opportunities as opposed to be limited in a home. You have more freedom to express yourself in a commercial area where it’s expected. At times it may be difficult to manage home life and work life wrapped in one but now I have the full ability being at the shop to focus my time better and put my all into Majestic Locs.

Question 4 – So far, What kind of Client feedback are you receiving about the new location?

Answer  – I’ve been getting pretty decent feedback. Most clients have told me that it’s easier for them to travel to this new location here on Weston Road as opposed to Eglinton. I’ve also been getting that they grew up around this lively neighbourhood.  So far so good concerning feedback. I would like to encourage more of it whether good or bad. The feedback helps me comfort or find answers for my Clients hair care needs.

Question 5 – How does Majestic Locs plan to utilize one thousand square feet of commercial space?

Answer  – Adding more studios is a big one. Studio #2, once ready it will be larger than Studio #1 which is currently up and running. To add a touch of class and character,  Studio 2 will offer a Victorian style look with modern accents. When Studio 2 becomes available Clients will be able to decide which studio they prefer to be in, both studios having a separate but uplifting mood.

Also with an additional bathroom and parking spot Majestic Locs can now accept independent contractors. Contractors will also have the benefit of a small kitchen including refrigerator and seating area for meals.



Considering her increasingly busy schedule with the new location, let’s thank Melonie for taking the time to participate in this interview alongside photos. Putting this interview behind her, the next coming months will require some focus for Melonie addressing Client and location needs. Fortunately, with the gravity of the expected changes to come it appears that all the effort will be worth it.

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