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Insiders Referral Program

Share the Hype Surrounding Majestic Locs for Easy Service Credits


How the Referral Program Works

  1. Referrer’s will receive four business cards including a unique four digit promotional code on the back
  2. Share your referral cards with family, friends and associates
  3. For each referral, Referrer receives twenty five dollars of personal hair care credit. Within this same transaction new Clients also receive fifty percent of their first hour of service, a twenty five dollar value
  4. Validation of promotional card takes place when new Client presents it on their first appointment
  5. FREE additional cards are available by request

The Numbers – Everyone Wins


You and Those Around You Benefit

  • four successful referrals equals to two hours of dreadlocks service (that’s a full appointment for many)
  • utilize the Insiders Referral Program with the value of two hundred dollars in your hands
  • enjoy working together with others to make life just a little better

The Fine Print

  • Majestic Locs promotional business cards are not redeemable for cash or products. Credit value is redeemable through startup dreadlocks and maintenance services by Majestic Locs
  • New Clients receive fifty percent discount off the first hour or service only (startup $25, loc extensions $32.50, maintenance $25, repair $25)
  • credits earned by any Referrer can be used up or allowed to accumulate on file
  • Promotional business cards remain valid as long as they are clearly legible