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Hair Oils Treatment is a Super Highway to Scalp and Hair Health

hair oils for dreadlocks

For millennia oiling hair was a regular practice for those in the extreme heat of India. Regular application of hair oils to ones hair can solve a number of common hair and scalp issues.

An assortment of hair oils have the power to act as a barrier, maintaining hydration of the hair. Premium hair oils mimic the sebum (oily secretion) found naturally on our hair and skin.

1. Olive Oil

Prescious olive oil recovered is extracted by pressing whole olives. Recognized for its use in cooking, pharmaceuticals and soaps, it may surprise you that the olive oil tucked away in your kitchen cupboard is a great friend to your hair.

Hair Oil Benefits

  • can prevent and cure hair loss
  • maintenance of soft and shiny hair
  • antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • tames frizzy hair
  • natural moisturizer
  • good dandruff reliever

2. Black Seed Hair Oils

black-seed-hair-oilsObtained from tiny black cumin seeds, Black Seed Oil has been used since ancient times in Egypt and the Middle East civilization. Among the various medicinal properties of black seed oil, its hair loss prevention quality has promoted its continued use.

Hair Oil Benefits

  • promotes healthy hair growth
  • prevents premature greying
  • strengthens hair follicles
  • helps regrow bald or balding spots

3. Argan Hair Oils

leven-rose-argan-oilArgan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan fruit tree originating in Morocco. Gaining popularity for its beneficial uses, Argan Oil is excellent treatment plan for your hair.

Hair Oil Benefits

  • add vitamin E in high quantities
  • hair growth and regrowth
  • treat split ends
  • tames frizz
  • reverses damages done by chemically treated hair

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4. Coconut Hair Oils

natures-way-premium-coconut-oilCoconut oil is extracted from the kernel of the coconut palm tree to create this edible byproduct.

Coconuts have been around for millions of years and thrives in places with abundant sunlight, high humidity and regular rainfall. Useful oil extracted from coconuts is just one of a few perks that coconuts offer.

Hair Oil Benefits

  • prevents hair loss
  • helps reduce protein loss in damaged hair (high in lauric acid)
  • has moisture retention
  • anti-dandruff agents
  • protects from head lice
  • soothes those who suffer from severe scalp sweating with its cooling properties

5. Jojoba Hair Oils

leven-rose-jojoba-hair-oilJojoba oil is a form of liquid wax extracted from the seeds of an Evergreen shrub. Very rich in nutrients, jojoba oil contains vitamin E, A, D. This oil product that has a long shelf life is native to Arizona, California and Mexico.

Jojoba Hair Oil Benefits

  • hydrates the hair from inside the hair shaft
  • reduce hair swelling and shrinkage after showering
  • helps to add shine, softness and elasticity
  • repairs and strengthens damaged hair
  • similar molecular structure to sebum (natural oil in the scalp)


  • preparing-to-oil-parted-roots
    preparing to oil parted roots

    warmup the oil or used straight from the bottle

  • part and section your hair
  • use your fingers to apply oil to different parts of the scalp
  • work the oil into your scalp using circular motions at a relaxing pace

All five of the hair oils mentioned above are great aids to improving hair health. Massage your choice oil into the scalp for treatment. If keeping your hair is important to you oiling your hair routinely goes a long way towards keeping it.

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