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Easy Protective Styles for Natural Hair in Winter

Protective styles for severe winter conditions

I think you might agree with me when I say “Winter is the most unkind season of the year”. The cold, dry air, sleet and bitter winds can do a lot of damage to our natural hair. With that being said, what do we do about it? How can we ensure our hair is being protected from the outside bitter conditions?

1# Natural Hair Oils

Finding an oil routine that works for you will go a long way to maintaining healthy natural hair. My personal favourite oils are argan oil, coconut oil and castor oil. They all carry there own uniqueness which can be combined together for great hydration, faster hair growth, dandruff protection and resistance to hair loss. Discover your own favourite oil or best oil combination for your natural hair needs.

Hot oil treatments are also beneficial for the prevention of split ends, frizz, maintenance of moisture and elasticity. It would be wise to do a hot oil treatment every week for really dry hair. Otherwise, every 3-4 weeks throughout the winter season.

#2 Protective Head Wraps

Wearing a head wrap or Turban is always a good route to ensure the protection of your natural hair from the winter. If you come from a West Indian background you too may know a thing or two about tying or wrapping your hair before bedtime. This process was taught to young girls usually by there mother or someone that was responsible for the maintenance of healthy natural hair. By tying the hair prior to bedtime was done mainly to keep the hair neat and in place for the morning.

Enjoy the outdoors without worry

Head wraps aren’t only used for tying your hair down at night. Besides protecting your hair from the bitter winds of winter there are a plethora of other reasons why it’s being done. Adherents of religious and spiritual ideologies for instance will cover the hair as a form of piety for married women. Observant women will only reveal her natural hair to one male all her life, and that’s her husband. The natural hair is considered to be personal, it represents a woman’s beauty and is her crown. For others tying the hair is mandatory only during prayers and religious ritual.

Women and men around the world routinely cover the head and it is now increasingly accepted as beauty outside its cultural and traditional motivations. These wrap styles are great for a professional work environment, daily wear and are elegant enough for weddings and other special occasions.

#3 Winter Season Protective Styles

Locs, buns, braids, weaves and wigs are all great protective hairstyling ideas. What your trying to accomplish by wearing these hairstyles is the preservation of healthy ends. Yes, the ends of our hair has been battered over the years and are very fragile, thus prone to breakage. Wind, dry air and excessive tension (ie. combing ) will quickly deteriorate the health of your natural hair. KeepingĀ  the tips/ends of your hair covered as much as possible will lead to good long term natural hair maintenance.

Protecting your natural hair in the winter by maintaining an oil regiment (oil from root to tip), wearing a head wrap and using the protective styling ideas are all helpful tips to ensuring the minimization of damaged hair. There are many other ways to protect our hair from the elements that haven’t been discussed in this article so I encourage you to share your ideas and experiences for maintaining healthy winter hair tips!


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