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Dreadlocks Methods for Various Hair Types

Dreadlocks methods comprise a variety of different techniques to accommodate the various hair types and textures from around the world. For best results, when starting your locs you should have an idea of the various dreadlocks methods offered by your local loctician. He or she should be able to match your hair type and texture with the best possible method that will bring rapid knotting results to your hair.

The Most Commonly Used Dreadlocks Methods

Comb Coils: Best used on short to medium length kinky hair texture

Two-Strand Twists: Results in a luscious full look. Mainly used on medium to long length kinky hair.

Backcombing: Best used on medium to long length hair that is wavy to straight, but non-silky.

Twist n’ rip: Best used on hair types that are silky, wavy or straight. Hair lengths may range from short to long.

Interlocking: Keeps hair neat and tidy for a longer length of time. Best used in kinky hair but may also be used in other hair types with backcombing for texture first.

Sister locks/Brother locks: Very thin locs that ad a social appeal due to higher cost for maintenance and rarity among dreadlocks wearers. Best used in kinky medium to long length hair types/textures.

Plaits: Results in fast locking times and has benefits associated with interlocking. Best used on Nubian kinky to soft hair textures with hair ranging from short to long hair lengths.

Words to the Wise

Now that you have an idea of the dreadlocks methods most commonly used by loctician’s, you can now get your hair formed with ease and confidence. Do your homework first. Secondly, find a loctician that specializes in natural hair with the knowledge of various dreadlocks methods and uses for your particular hair type and textures. Doing this will save you on time wasted time in hair salons, will reduce time for the knotting process and ultimately keep more cash in your pocket.


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