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10 Dreadlocks Benefits That Everyone Should Know

Dreadlocks are an ancient hairstyle worn in all parts of the world and hold’s a special place in history by all people. Today, this creative hairstyle of dreadlocks is making a strong resurgence and it really deserves the attention it receives. For those who have questions as to ‘why go dread?’ this article may provide you with some insight on various dreadlocks benefits.

Here are 10 Dreadlocks Benefits:

1. Economical – Save money by growing dreads with hassle free maintenance that keeps money in your pocket. No more frequent trips to the salons /barber shops and purchases of expensive wigs, weaves, braids and an assortment of chemical products. Welcome dreadlocks benefits into your life.

2. Protective Hairstyle – Another dreadlocks benefits pro is the truth that hair that is grown together to form a tight loc (dread) holds more strength. Less damage can be done from outside elements like wind, heat and sleet.

3. Faster Hair Growth – It is proven that hair grows faster with dreads. If you have slow hair growth or experience early plateauing of your hair then dreadlocks is the solution you are waiting for. Say goodbye to combs that just damage your hair.

4. Sense of Pride – Forget about fears of how people may negatively view your dreads. Walk with confidence and you will soon realize that you are the inspiration and admiration of others.

5. Fashionable – Dreads are a style that won’t go out of style. It has its own identity as everyone’s dreads are different, beautiful and unique in its own way.

6. Easy to Maintain – Natural dreads require less work to maintain its beauty.

7. Strong, Full Body and Volume – by having your natural hair you maintain your hair strength, body and volume. Self induced damage by hot combs, flat-irons and curling irons are harmful to the hair.

8. Hair You Can Truly Call Your Own – Rock the natural hair that grows out of your scalp and leave synthetic dreads to others.

9. Chemical Free – Throw out harmful hair relaxers. Allow your hair to grow free of chemicals that block the pores in the scalp and that may cause Alopecia (hair loss). This is a serious problem that fortunately has an attractive solution in dreads for those seeking a healthy change.

10. Develope Appreciation Through Patience – Particularly with the beginning stages of dreads the patients you develop will become a virtue.  Similarly to fine wine and quality cheese, dreadlocks invariably gets better with time and so will your appreciation for them.

Whether your tight on a budget, want to improve hair health or just want to rock the natural look, there are more than enough dreadlocks benefits to compel you. For those who are indecisive, loss the internal fears that have been holding you back from the look you want to achieve. Why not wear a fashionable look and style that is sure to turn heads? Celebrate the joy of natural hair dreadlocks benefits with those seeking to improve their hair health.


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I have dread locs. Love it. I grew them out naturally. Now I have a friend who twists or touches them up for me once a month. I asked her if there was any benefit of having her twist them monthly. She didn’t know and jus thought it was more for appearance. They look neater.
Any thoughts on this


DO NOT twist your dreads man! Grow them naturally, without any kind of shit such as wax or oil ’cause they make them smell. If you retwist your dreads they’ll become neater BUT you will increase the risk of alopecia and you’ll lose your hair after a while… It’s the best way to ruin your dreads… Wash them naturally and just don’t touch them..

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