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Crochet Locs Styling Following Startup Locs

Crochet Locs Styling is suitable for Meng, one of our newest friends who visited to Majestic Locs through a referral

Meng was referred to us by a former Client who knew that Majestic Locs would educate him and get his locs started off right

The sides and back of Meng’s hair is shaven. On top are tight crochet locs adorned with trendy locs accessories

crochet locs startup | Asian hair texture

One of Meng’s concerns was the direction his newly formed locs would fall. Though his preference was for his locs to fall to the side,
he was informed that due to the stiffness and somewhat awkwardness of the locs immediately following the crochet process,
he would have to remain patient until his hair fully cures to gain the eventual flexibility that he wants.

Meng is now well on his locs journey. For now he protects his locs with use of a durag, particularly at night for sleeping.

The Majestic Locs team will provide the help and encouragement that Meng deserves during his crochet locs styling.

The appointment was complete in less than three hours.

Have you had any difficulty styling crochet locs? leave your questions or share your solutions below for crochet locs styling.

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