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Comb Coils for the Straightforward Dreadlocks Solution

Today I will explain how to make comb coils dreadlocks using the associated method. Before we begin allow me to first explain the basics of comb coils and who this style is best suited for. To help you make an informed decision I will also be touching on the Pros and Cons of the comb coils dreadlocks method. This is a step by step guide provides everything you need to form all natural comb coils dreadlocks.

What are Comb Coils?

A comb coil is a neatly spiraled curl done to the hair by use of a rat tail comb.

Can Comb Coils Make Dreadlocks for All Hair Types?

No. The comb coil method is best used for hair types 3 and 4, short or long, male or female. Individuals with hair type 1 and 2 can refer to the crochet dreadlocks method for best results.

Comb coils on type 4b hair

Pros for the Comb Coils Method

  • very simple, anyone can do it
  • creates an amazing look once complete
  • great choice for short hairstyles
  • acts as a protective hairstyle
  • hairstyle can last for a long time
  • a unisex hairstyle (males/females both wear it)

Cons Against Comb Coils Method

  • creates shrinkage
  • frizzy hairs may be more apparent after a couple of weeks
  • slower locking process for longer hair
  • caution must be used when washing newly formed hair

Comb Coils Products You Will Need

  1. Rat tail comb (a wide tooth comb or pick may also be used to comb the hair out first)
  2. Hair product of your choice (locing gel, loc butter etc.)
  3. Clips for keeping the hair in place
  4. Spray bottle (filled with water)
  5. Hair sheen for a nice shiny finish (optional)

Now that we’ve covered the basics of comb coils lets get into the creative aspect and begin actually forming comb coils dreadlocks. Follow the next four (4) easy steps to achieve satisfying results.

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Step #1

Comb Coils Hair Preparation

  • thoroughly shampoo your hair (natural shampoo is best but optional). Do not use hair conditioner
  • towel dry or air dry your hair, no blow drying

Note:  your hair should be in its complete natural state (non-chemically altered hair) for best results.

Step #2

Sectioning Comb Coils

  • using the tail end of the rat tail comb, section the hair beginning from the nap by creating your first straight horizontal part, clipping or tying the excess hairs upwards to keep them out of the way
  • you may comb out the parted section of hair and begin creating your first vertical line within; you will now end up with a squared section of hair

Note: If the hair is really dry and brittle you can use the spray bottle with water to make your hair more manageable for coiling.

Step #3

Making Comb Coils with Rat Tail Comb

  • use a little locing gel in the hair from root to tip
  • beginning from the root or base of the head, place the comb in the hair being sure to capture all hairs within the square and twist. Twirl the comb in a clock-wise direction
  • while twisting slowly drag the comb downwards until the end or tip of hair

You will be left with a single coil resembling this

Comb coil – single coil

Step #4

Continue Coiling the Comb Coils to Completion

  • repeat the processes of steps #2 and 3 working your way up the head. You have the option of keeping the squares as even in size as possible or if you want a less refined look you can use the grab and pull method which also works out nicely
  • once the hair is complete you can use a moisturizing spray for added shine and moisture

Your end product should look something similar to this

Comb coils – final results

The comb coils method to make dreadlocks is a great looking short hairstyle that is gentle enough to used on children. Hopefully this article answered a few questions and reassured important impressions that you had about comb coils dreadlocks.

Comb Coils Dreadlocks Pictures

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