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Hair Oils Treatment is a Super Highway to Scalp and Hair Health


For millennia oiling hair was a regular practice for those in the extreme heat of India. Regular application of hair oils to ones hair can solve a number of common hair and scalp issues. An assortment of hair oils have the power to act as a barrier, maintaining hydration of the hair. Premium hair oils … Read more

How to Make Liquid Black Soap for Thorough Shampooing


In a previous post titled, “Black Soap is Truly Natures Gift For Your Body”, I explained the benefits of African black soap and why its a smart move for your personal beauty routine.  What we will discuss here in addition, is how to make liquid black soap. Highly regarded for its antimicrobial effects, liquid black … Read more

African Black Soap is Truly Natures Gift for Your Body


Browsing a local flea market is when I first encountered African black soap. The Vendor promoting the soap setup a hand washing station to publicly demonstrate the wonders of this soap. Mean while, I curiously watched as a number of people took up his challenge. Finally, I decided to give it a shot myself. A … Read more

Durag: Good Fit for Peasants to Kings


For as long as anyone can remember the durag have been around. Men and women have found a number of benefits concerning this simple material. People of various hair types have found good reasons to keep one around. Its usefulness and practicality make them a favourite. The path along durag longevity has had its success … Read more

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Aside from us unconsciously toying with our hair, our rapidly changing environment takes a significant toll on the health of our hair. We have all dealt with high wind, snow, rain and heat, however for local motor cyclist Taswrell, the challenges posed by nature are amplified ten fold during time spent enjoying motorcycle rides. Increased … Read more

Women in Law Enforcement: Dreadlocks Spotlight – Episode 2


Dreadlocks Spotlight continues to roll with, Women in Law Enforcement, featuring local York Regional Police Officer, Chantal Muirhead. Introduction: Chantal Muirhead, 34 years old, I live in Vaughn and I’m a police officer with York Regional Police. What motivated you to become a Police Officer? When I was 21 I was in between jobs and … Read more