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Balding Hair Treatment That’s Painless and Easy

Our hair is made of many nutrients mostly of keratin a super strong protein, melanin, a pigment that gives hair its colour, trace amounts of vitamins, zinc and other metals. Nutrients need to be replenished in the body in order for hair to grow. People lose about fifty (50) to one hundred (100) hairs daily but without the proper hydration and diet for the promotion of healthy hair growth, you may find an increased number of hair loss and hair growth to be very difficult. Hair loss may also be hereditary. It is also contributed with the increase of age. If you suffer from thinning and balding hair sticking to a proper diet can help in that prevention.

Protein Treatment For Balding:

Protein deficiency can cause hair loss. As a preventative keep your protein levels up by eating eggs, fish, tofu, nuts and seeds (including hemp), chicken and turkey breasts. A lack of protein not only prompts more hairs to go into the resting stage and eventually fall out, but your body isn’t easily able to generate new hairs to replace them either.

Silica Treatment For Balding:

Silica is a trace mineral found in the human body. It improves the growth of hair, skin elasticity and nails. Silica is also good for detoxing heavy metals build up in the body over time. Silica rich foods can be found in bananas, carrots, raisins, brown rice and mineral water just to name a few. This “natural beauty mineral” can also be taken orally as a supplement.

Vitamin E Treatment For Balding:

As an antioxidant, vitamin E has the ability to up keep the immune system and improve circulation to all parts of the body, including the scalp. Your scalp needs to have proper circulation in order to keep hair follicles alive and thriving. Vitamin E has the effect of a natural scalp massager.

Herbal Treatment For Balding:

Lavender, Burdock Root and Rosemary just to name a few helps to grow, restore and prevent thinning and balding hair. Herbs can be ingested internally as a tea or you may also buy the essential oils to massage in the hair and scalp.

Biotin (Vitamin H) Treatment For Balding:

This “hair growth vitamin” can be found in beans, whole grains, egg yolks, fish, liver, cauliflower, oatmeal, legumes and more. Biotin stops hair breakage, increases thickness, shine and addresses other problems that may limit the growth of the hair. Biotin may also be taken as an oral supplement.

Don’t let hair loss ruin your confidence. There is hope. Get the fullness, the length, the shine and less breakage that you’ve always desired. Keep vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins and water to ensure a healthy growth of the hair. Eat foods for your health.


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