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Dreads Toronto Specialist Adds to Hometown Appeal


Securing a dreads Toronto specialist is one of the many great reasons why coming to Toronto offers visitors the enjoyment of Toronto’s diversity and culture. The diversity that Toronto boast is exemplified culturally and artistically by hardworking individuals and local businesses including; artist, stylist, entertainers, restaurants and the many heritage sites open to the public. … Read more

Dreadlocks Methods for Various Hair Types


Dreadlocks methods comprise a variety of different techniques to accommodate the various hair types and textures from around the world. For best results, when starting your locs you should have an idea of the various dreadlocks methods offered by your local loctician. He or she should be able to match your hair type and texture … Read more

10 Dreadlocks Benefits That Everyone Should Know


Dreadlocks are an ancient hairstyle worn in all parts of the world and hold’s a special place in history by all people. Today, this creative hairstyle of dreadlocks is making a strong resurgence and it really deserves the attention it receives. For those who have questions as to ‘why go dread?’ this article may provide … Read more

Damaged Dreadlocks are Usually Self-inflicted


Lack of routine and correct dreadlocks care can lead to damaged dreadlocks. If you struggle with damaged dreadlocks and seek a solution to getting back to that healthy look and feel, here are a few simple things you may want to avoid. Dry Damaged Dreadlocks To maintain healthy dreadlocks it is essential to oil your … Read more

The Flat-twist Mohawk is a Natural Hairstyle for Your Dreads

Ladies are you looking for a natural hairstyle to put that pep back into your step? If you’re tired of the same old hairdo and would like something a little bit more captivating, then the Flat-twist Mohawk may be the right natural hairstyle for you. Flat-Twist Mohawk Hairstyle The Mohawk hairstyle is not a hairdo … Read more