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African Black Soap is Truly Natures Gift for Your Body

flea-market-browsingBrowsing a local flea market is when I first encountered African black soap. The Vendor promoting the soap setup a hand washing station to publicly demonstrate the wonders of this soap. Mean while, I curiously watched as a number of people took up his challenge. Finally, I decided to give it a shot myself. A small quarter sized piece of soap was provided to me for washing. Right from the start, the lather that quickly built up was unexpected from this small piece of black soap.

Starting from the forearms down I lathered up working my way down to my hands. After rinsing my hands felt soft and thoroughly cleaned. The difference from one hand to the other was notable and this observation was exactly the point the Vendor revealed. The smile on my face was a familiar one for the Vendor who provided me with more black soap to take home. Memorably, the portion I took home was hand molded into the size and shape of a softball, only it was almost black in color.

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After that, I researched more about African black soap and discover medical, health and beauty benefits well beyond my basic need to wash clean. Here is what I learned about this natural product in which I still rely on today.


The natural ingredients within Black Soap originates from West Africa. For instance,  Ghanaians have used black soap to beautify the skin and hair for centuries. Its secret methods have been passed down from generation to generation to avoid exploitation.

plantain skins used for making African Black Soap

Original raw black soap is brownish-black in color that consists of roasted plantain skins, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves and shea tree bark. After roasting, water and various oils such as palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil are added to the natural composition.

Having 100% pure natural ingredients embodies this soap with a lovely earthy aroma. It consists of no artificial colors, no preservatives and is biodegradable. A protector and a fighter, this special mixture of vegetation and oil possesses antimicrobial qualities.


nubian-heritage-african black soapVersatile is an understatement when describing black soap uses. Fortunately, this natural product works well for every ethnicity and skin types (oily, sensitive and dry). Here are some of the ways that using black soap can help you and your loved ones

face and body cleanse

For a gentle way to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Daily washing will help prevent any unwanted skin outbreaks. Removal of excess oil from your skin aids in detoxification. Therefore, the final results leave your face feeling fresh and looking healthier.

Most importantly, the uses of black soap extent to more concerning medical issues such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne and hard to remove blemishes (bumps & spots). For these types of skin conditions a non irritating soap free of chemicals is essential for recovery.

liquid black soap

Each shampooing with African black soap provides a deep cleanse that works to eliminate scalp irritations. In its liquid form, black soap washes out very easily leaving back no film or residue. This is a really gentle approach for washing your hair. Furthermore, this product is great at removing the “sting” out of a hair washing for children.

facial lines & wrinkles

use black soap for makeup removal

Damage to free radicals are the root cause to premature aging of your skin. The antioxidants present in black soap prevent free radical damage from occurring. Washing your face twice daily with the soap will produce smooth, glowing skin. No more feeling sorrow due to premature aging. Above all, there is something you can do about it.

makeup removal

No more alcohol soaked facial wipes that dry out your skin. Black soap infused facial wipes remove dirt and impurities from your face. In consideration, the facial wipes are a matter of convenience though because using the bar alone will save you money and still remove your makeup quite easily. In other words, what you’ll get despite your choice is a rejuvenated skin tone and healthy glow.

nubian-heritage-african-black-soap-barremineralisation of teeth 

African black soap is a powerful natural cleaner that is pleasant enough to use in your mouth. Brushing with black soap frees your teeth from glycerin commonly found in toothpaste recommended by dentist. The glycerin within these commercial brands would coat your teeth with glycerin film. The glycerin is found within the toothpaste and keeps it from drying out in the tube. Sadly enough, it can take a whole month for this clear film to be completely removed from your teeth.

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Moreover, the danger with glycerin is that it prevents teeth remineralisation and healing to occur as it should with good brushing habits. Bear in mind commercial soaps you find at the grocery store mainly contain glycerin in them. In contrast, bars claiming to be “natural” often forget to list their ingredients. Therefore, skip the misfortune and go get yourself a bar of African black soap to improve your oral health dramatically.



Like all soaps keeping them store in a cool dry place will keep them from melting away. Same concept applies for black soap. You can store it is a soap dish, Ziploc bag or even saran wrap. Outside of this, the soap is self preserving – no need for an expiration date. Most importantly, store the soap correctly and use it regularly for best the results.


Being so effective at stripping away gunk and washing so clean, black soap will for a minority of folks cause some dryness in the scalp or skin. There is a simple solution to this that requires only a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  Adding tea tree or lavender for example will do the trick to replace any lost moisture to your scalp and skin. Here, adding the essentials oil will boost your presence with appealing aromas.


African black soap has grown in popularity and is being bought and sold world-wide. From young to the old everyone can enjoy the benefits of this gift from nature. In addition, black Soap is 100% natural and has proven benefits earning it a household name. Keep in mind, commercialized facial and hair cleansing products containing chemicals pose risk of long-term damage to your skin and hair. Besides, that’s why I use what I call “Nature’s Gift”, African black soap.

light-bulb-cartoon-clip Black soap is getting more and more exposure outside its native West Africa. Have you encountered this product yet? Tell us what you think below.

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