• Newbie Locs – Dreadlocks start-up (beginner)
  • Maintenance – Beautifying the hair by tightening, trimming, palm-rolling, twisting, etc. without style
  • Styles – Locs Styles or Dreadlocks Styles are the creation of artistic ideas and transforming those ideas to the hair
  • Loctician – A professional beautician of Dreadlocks experienced with the knowledge in manipulating various hair types and textures for a desired result

Services Offered

  • Newbie Locs , Maintenance, Maintenance + Style
  • crocheting, interlocking, plaits, palm-rolling, comb-coiling, twist n’ rip, back-combing , two-Strand twists and styling
  • Dreadlock Repair (attachments, snipping, crocheting)
  • Basic to advanced Locs Styles for any occasion (weddings, print ads, daily wear etc.)
  • Multi-ethnic hair care service
  • Dreadlocks consultation and service quote


  • Bookings can be made by completing the online booking form, by email or by phone via voice or text to (647) 713 – (LOCS) 5627
  • To better ensure that you receive your desired booking date and time, it is highly encouraged that you book in advance at least 7 days prior to your date of choice
  •  Bookings made within twenty-four hours (24) or less of booking date may be accommodated given that space and time permits. An additional service cost will be applied
  • All hair appointments must be confirmed within a 24-48hrs time slot, confirmation will be made by phone, text or email

Booking Preparation

  • Thoroughly wash hair prior to your arrival (no conditioner). Unclean hair will be turned away
  • Do not apply any hair care products to the hair after washing for booking
  • Do not blow dry your hair prior to booking
  • Hair appointments may last up to to five hours plus (5+) depending on your specific hair care needs

Cancellation and Fees

  • Same day cancellations (6hrs or less) prior to booking will result in a cancellation fee of forty dollars ($ 40.00)
  • All service quotes are approximates and are not finalized until in person hair assessment is complete
  • Majestic Locs reserved the right to accept or refuse bookings for any reason whatsoever

Payment Method

  • Cash
  • Email money transfer

Service Hours

  • Sun-Fri: 10am – 6pm
  • Sat: no service