Terms of Service

Terms of Service are to be read before booking your appointment. Bookings can be made by completing the online booking form, by email or by phone via voice or text at 647-713-LOCS (5627)

Services Offered

  • newbie locs , maintenance, maintenance and style
  • crocheting, interlocking, plaits, palm-rolling, comb-coiling, back-combing , two-Strand twists and styling
  • dreadlocks Repair (attachments, snipping, crocheting)
  • Basic to advanced dreadlock styles for any occasion (weddings, print ads, daily wear etc.)
  • Multi-ethnic hair care service
  • Free consultation and service quote


  • To better ensure that you receive your desired booking date and time book in advance at least 7 days prior to your date of choice
  • Short notice bookings within twenty-four hours (24) may be accommodated given that space and time permits
  • All hair appointments must be confirmed within a 24-48hrs time slot, confirmation will be made by phone, text or email


  • Appointments scheduled for five (5) hours or more require a deposit estimated at fifty percent (50%) of the total time/cost to complete the appointment

Booking Preparation

  • Thoroughly wash hair prior to your arrival (no conditioner). Unclean hair will be turned away
  • Do not apply any hair care products to the hair after washing for booking
  • Do not blow dry your hair prior to booking
  • Be prepared to sit for long hours. Hair appointments may last between 1.5 to 8 hours(+) depending on your specific hair care needs
  • If you plan to make payment in cash bring the correct amount as no change is provided, but rather applied to you as a credit going forward.


  • Please provide advance notice if your are unable to attend your scheduled appointment
  • All service quotes are approximates and are not finalized until in person hair assessment is complete
  • Majestic Locs reserved the right to accept or refuse bookings for any reason whatsoever

 Payment Method

  • Cash
  • Email money transfer
  • All major credit cards (surcharge of $5 applies)

 Service Hours

  • Sun-Fri: 10am – 6pm
  • Sat: no service