New Service: Synthetic Dreadlocks Installation


After many requests for synthetic dreadlocks installation, Majestic Locs has now added a new service to dreadlocks admirers. You may now book early for either single-ended or double-ended dreadlocks installation.


Synthetic dreadlocks installation are usually warn by individuals who are looking for a fast and temporary dreadlock solution without having to make a long-term commitment with their natural hair. Synthetic dreadlocks installations are commonly made from 100% Kanekalon fibres, are handmade and may come in a pre-ordered bundle in an array of spectacular colours of your choice.


Synthetic dreadlocks has gained in popularity over the years and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. Here are some reasons why:

* Instant gratification
* Cost effective
* Little to no maintenance
* Temporary dreadlocks solution
* Hassle free way of wearing dreads
* May last throughout spring/summer months
* Washable
* Pre-made dreads that look and feel natural
* Fast installation
* Easy to uninstall

Single-ended Dreadlocks:

Single-ended dreadlocks are created with a single looped top so that your natural hair can slide through to be braided or wrapped onto the synthetic dread. It is then secured with a rubber band or thread to be kept in place.

Double-ended Dreadlocks:

Double-ended dreadlocks are about twice the length of the single-ended dreadlocks because it is folded in half to create the look of two dreadlocks from one section. One out of two dreads will also be braided or wrapped with your natural hair while the other hangs in place. This creates a fullness to the hair along with a unique edge.


The installation of synthetics are a quick and satisfying solution for those who are not yet ready to make that transition to permanent dreadlocks. This process may take 4-6 hrs for a full head installation (see service). Once installed, it may wear for 3-6 months.


To book an appointment to get your Synthetic Dreadlocks Installation simply get the process started fill out our booking form or call 647 713 LOCS (5627).