Natural Hairstyles Continue to Generate a Buzz!!!


kelly_natural_hairstylesNatural hairstyles have an interesting way of commanding the attention of others and it was no different at the 5th Annual Errol Barrow Memorial Dinner. Carefully coordinated from head to toe, featured model Kelly enjoyed the festivities and distinguished guest which included the likes of the Honourable Freundel Stuart QC MP (Barbados Prime Minister), who participated as the guest speaker in his highly anticipated address.

Natural Hairstyle Technique

Kelly’s natural hairstyle is prepared with a combination of interlocking and palm rolling,  a rolled and tucked style with cute bangs for added effect. This elaborate natural hairstyle works well for women with short to medium length locs. The dynamic qualities of natural hairstyles allow all wearers to compliment any occasion on the calendar no matter the sophistication of the event.

As evident, natural hairstyles convey the beauty and splendor that locs can achieve. Kelly’s beauty and grace really resonated on that important day. Kudos to her for really working those locs!

Who is Errol Barrow?

Errol Barrow was a Caribbean statesman and the first Prime Minister of Barbados. One chapter in this incredible man’s life saw him serving in the R.A.F as a flying officer during World War Two contributing to 45 bombing missions over Europe. Errol’s legacy is remember through memorial diners and The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill.


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