Video: Dreadlocks Summer Transformations



This video capture work completed on starter dreadlocks, dreadlocks touch up and dreadlocks restructuring.

For the starter dreadlocks I worked with straight hair that took easily to the crochet method. I’m expecting Hannah’s hair to loc within too months. Hannah was excited about getting dreadlocks and I was equally thrilled to get her started off right.

Quin had matted hair that required restructuring. Parts that were impossible to separate required cutting with minimal hair loss. To balance the overall look of his dreadlocks 100% human hair was added to help thicken and length individual locs. Fortunately for Quin balancing his dreadlocks has made them more evenly distributed in weight allowing ease and comfort. The process took five and a half hours and Quin appeared satisfied with the results

Tramaine needed maintenance after recently starting her dreadlocks on her own. The method’s I used was interlocking to tighten the roots and palm rolling for the newly formed dreadlocks. To provide nutrients to the hair and secure a good hold I added an all natural gel. One hour and forty-five minutes is what it took to bring Tramaine’s formally unruly hair back to a manageable state.

There are still a ton of summer activities still to attend before autumn begins. I am looking forward to hosting new guest and playing my role in providing my clients with that winning edge at their next outing.