Dreadlocks Spotlight


Women in Law Enforcement: Dreadlocks Spotlight – Episode 2

Dreadlocks Spotlight continues to roll with, Women in Law Enforcement, featuring local York Regional Police Officer, Chantal Muirhead.


Chantal Muirhead, 34 years old, I live in Vaughn and I’m a police officer with York Regional Police.

What motivated you to become a Police Officer?

When I was 21 I was in between jobs and I had a car accident (of all things). I went to the reporting centre and I spoke to a Toronto Police Officer and just in talking with him he commented that I would make a really great Police Officer and he thought it was a career that I should consider and prior to that it wasn’t something I was interested in but I listened to what he said and I started researching into it and within a year, a couple years,  I applied and got hired as a Police Officer. read more

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