Dreadlocks Care


Video: Dreadlocks Summer Transformations

This video capture work completed on starter dreadlocks, dreadlocks touch up and dreadlocks restructuring.

For the starter dreadlocks I worked with straight hair that took easily to the crochet method. I’m expecting Hannah’s hair to loc within too months. Hannah was excited about getting dreadlocks and I was equally thrilled to get her started off right. read more

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Black Soap Truly is Natures Gift for Your Body

History of African Black Soap

African Raw Black Soap (Alata Samina) originates from West Africa. For centuries Ghanaians have used Black Soap to beautify the skin and hair. Its secret methods have been passed down from generation to generation to avoid exploitation. Original Raw Black Soap is brownish-black in colour that simply consists of roasted plantain skins, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, Shea tree bark, water and various oils such as palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Raw Black Soap has 100% pure natural ingredients that give off a lovely earthy aroma. It consists of no artificial colours, no preservatives and is biodegradable. read more


Balding Hair Treatment That’s Painless and Easy

Our hair is made of many nutrients mostly of keratin a super strong protein, melanin, a pigment that gives hair its colour, trace amounts of vitamins, zinc and other metals. Nutrients need to be replenished in the body in order for hair to grow. People lose about fifty (50) to one hundred (100) hairs daily but without the proper hydration and diet for the promotion of healthy hair growth, you may find an increased number of hair loss and hair growth to be very difficult. Hair loss may also be hereditary. It is also contributed with the increase of age. If you suffer from thinning and balding hair sticking to a proper diet can help in that prevention. read more

Damaged Dreadlocks are Usually Self-inflicted

Lack of routine and correct dreadlocks care can lead to damaged dreadlocks. If you struggle with damaged dreadlocks and seek a solution to getting back to that healthy look and feel, here are a few simple things you may want to avoid.

Dry Damaged Dreadlocks

To maintain healthy dreadlocks it is essential to oil your roots to tip on a regular basis. It is especially important to do so in the winter season as the hair may tend to get dry, hard and brittle. Regularly moisturizing your natural hair is a fantastic dreadlocks care practice to avoid damaged dreadlocks. read more