Natural Hairstyles Continue to Generate a Buzz!!!

Natural hairstyles have an interesting way of commanding the attention of others and it was no different at the 5th Annual Errol Barrow Memorial Dinner. Carefully coordinated from head to toe, featured model Kelly enjoyed the festivities and distinguished guest which included the likes of the Honourable Freundel Stuart QC MP (Barbados Prime Minister), who participated as the guest speaker in his highly anticipated address. read more


10 Dreadlocks Benefits That Everyone Should Know

Dreadlocks are an ancient hairstyle worn in all parts of the world and hold’s a special place in history by all people. Today, this creative hairstyle of dreadlocks is making a strong resurgence and it really deserves the attention it receives. For those who have questions as to ‘why go dread?’ this article may provide you with some insight on various dreadlocks benefits. read more

Damaged Dreadlocks are Usually Self-inflicted

Lack of routine and correct dreadlocks care can lead to damaged dreadlocks. If you struggle with damaged dreadlocks and seek a solution to getting back to that healthy look and feel, here are a few simple things you may want to avoid.

Dry Damaged Dreadlocks

To maintain healthy dreadlocks it is essential to oil your roots to tip on a regular basis. It is especially important to do so in the winter season as the hair may tend to get dry, hard and brittle. Regularly moisturizing your natural hair is a fantastic dreadlocks care practice to avoid damaged dreadlocks. read more