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DVD Movies

We can all appreciate enjoying a really good movie, however while we’re doing this we don’t get much else done. Leisurely pass time by selecting one of our movies for entertainment. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget that your actually completing your to do list. read more


Majestic Locs Helps

Aside from us unconsciously toying with our hair, our rapidly changing environment takes a significant toll on the health of our hair. We have all dealt with high wind, snow, rain and heat, however for local motor cyclist Taswrell, the challenges posed by nature are amplified ten fold during time spent enjoying motorcycle rides. Increased winds during rides and cold is why regular maintenance and care is vital for Taswrell. read more


Women in Law Enforcement: Dreadlocks Spotlight – Episode 2

Dreadlocks Spotlight continues to roll with, Women in Law Enforcement, featuring local York Regional Police Officer, Chantal Muirhead.


Chantal Muirhead, 34 years old, I live in Vaughn and I’m a police officer with York Regional Police.

What motivated you to become a Police Officer?

When I was 21 I was in between jobs and I had a car accident (of all things). I went to the reporting centre and I spoke to a Toronto Police Officer and just in talking with him he commented that I would make a really great Police Officer and he thought it was a career that I should consider and prior to that it wasn’t something I was interested in but I listened to what he said and I started researching into it and within a year, a couple years,  I applied and got hired as a Police Officer. read more


5 Hair Oils and their Uses

The use of hair oils go back thousands of years in history and is used by both genders. Hair oils are important as it acts as a protectant and maintains hydration to the hair to avoid the loss of water. It mimics the natural action of sebum that coats the hair follicles. The best oils to use are those from a fruit or vegetable. read more