Cynthia-featured Interlocking Dreadlocks Maintenance on Short Hair -   Cynthia receives interlocking dreadlocks technique to achieve stylist short dreadlocks
rodney-locs-fervor-toronto-dreadlocks-startup Rodney: Locs Fervor – Toronto Dreadlocks Startup - Before and after dreadlocks pictures following Toronto dreadlocks start up session.
jeffery-dreadlocks-featured Comb Coils Start Up Method for Jeffery - Comb coils start up method equally used for women and men. Comb coils work best in short hair and look trendy right away.
abigail-dreadlocks-featured Abigail Featured Dreadlocks - I love the idea of bringing my work to the general public, not just people who go to ‪art gallery‬ openings.
comb-coils-featured Comb Coils: How to Make Dreadlocks - Before I explain how to make Dreadlocks using the Comb Coil method, allow me to first explain the basics of what a comb coil is and who this style is best suited for. Also, I will be touching on the Pros and Cons of choosing the comb coil method so it may help in your […]
hair-oils-featured 5 Hair Oils and Their Uses -   The use of hair oils go back thousands of years in history and is used by both genders. Hair oils are important as it acts as a protectant and maintains hydration to the hair to avoid the loss of water. It mimics the natural action of sebum that coats the hair follicles. The best […]
hair-types-featured Hair Types: Learning the Basics - Hair types can be a very complex topic to grasp. The variety of hair types contribute to the challenge of getting accurate advice for your specific hair types. A strong desire for natural hair that’s resilient, manageable, and fast growing can all be achieved by first learning the basics about your own hair types. We […]
easy-protective-styles-for-natural-hair-in-winter Easy Protective Styles for Natural Hair in Winter - I think you might agree with me when I say “Winter is the most unkind season of the year”. The cold, dry air, sleet and bitter winds can do a lot of damage to our natural hair. With that being said, what do we do about it? How can we ensure our hair is being […]