easy-protective-styles-for-natural-hair-in-winter Easy Protective Styles for Natural Hair in Winter - I think you might agree with me when I say “Winter is the most unkind season of the year”. The cold, dry air, sleet and bitter winds can do a lot of damage to our natural hair. With that being said, what do we do about it? How can we ensure our hair is being […]
shaped-afro-featured The Big Chop towards Reinvention - If you’ve grown tired of constantly relaxing your hair with harmful chemicals and/or feeling dependant  on synthetic means to style your hair, then the Big Chop is definitely something that has occupied your thoughts for some time. That being said, no matter the damage and frustration you can cause yourself, committing to the Big Chop […]
how-to-make-dreadlocks-for-straight-hair How to make Dreadlocks for Straight Hair - How to make Dreadlocks is a question a lot of people I’ve came across have clearly pondering about. Some individuals had asked “Is that dreads?” knowing clearly that it is, but I guess they didn’t know the correct question to ask.”But how does the hair get like that?”, “are those braids?”, or just simply, “huh?”. […]
dandruff-prevention-tips-for-your-hair-and-scalp Dandruff Prevention TIPS for Your Hair and Scalp - If you suffer from dandruff you are not alone. Did you know that dandruff is a common scalp disorder that affects about half of the population? The symptoms include flaking of the scalp, itching and inflammation. The severity of dandruff may fluctuate from season to season due to extreme weather conditions, with winter being the […]
black-soap-truly-is-natures-gift-for-your-body Black Soap Truly is Natures Gift for Your Body - History of African Black Soap African Raw Black Soap (Alata Samina) originates from West Africa. For centuries Ghanaians have used Black Soap to beautify the skin and hair. Its secret methods have been passed down from generation to generation to avoid exploitation. Original Raw Black Soap is brownish-black in colour that simply consists of roasted […]
balding-hair-treatment-thats-painless-and-easy Balding Hair Treatment That’s Painless and Easy - Our hair is made of many nutrients mostly of keratin a super strong protein, melanin, a pigment that gives hair its colour, trace amounts of vitamins, zinc and other metals. Nutrients need to be replenished in the body in order for hair to grow. People lose about fifty (50) to one hundred (100) hairs daily […]
dreads-toronto-specialist-adds-to-hometown-appeal Dreads Toronto Specialist Adds to Hometown Appeal - Securing a dreads Toronto specialist is one of the many great reasons why coming to Toronto offers visitors the enjoyment of Toronto’s diversity and culture. The diversity that Toronto boast is exemplified culturally and artistically by hardworking individuals and local businesses including; artist, stylist, entertainers, restaurants and the many heritage sites open to the public. […]
dreadlocks-methods-for-various-hair-types Dreadlocks Methods for Various Hair Types - Dreadlocks methods comprise a variety of different techniques to accommodate the various hair types and textures from around the world. For best results, when starting your locs you should have an idea of the various dreadlocks methods offered by your local loctician. He or she should be able to match your hair type and texture […]
natural-hairstyles-continue-to-generate-a-buzz Natural Hairstyles Continue to Generate a Buzz!!! - Natural hairstyles have an interesting way of commanding the attention of others and it was no different at the 5th Annual Errol Barrow Memorial Dinner. Carefully coordinated from head to toe, featured model Kelly enjoyed the festivities and distinguished guest which included the likes of the Honourable Freundel Stuart QC MP (Barbados Prime Minister), who […]
ten-dreadlocks-methods-that-everyone-should-know 10 Dreadlocks Benefits That Everyone Should Know - Dreadlocks are an ancient hairstyle worn in all parts of the world and hold’s a special place in history by all people. Today, this creative hairstyle of dreadlocks is making a strong resurgence and it really deserves the attention it receives. For those who have questions as to ‘why go dread?’ this article may provide […]