The Big Chop towards Reinvention


If you’ve grown tired of constantly relaxing your hair with harmful chemicals and/or feeling dependant  on synthetic means to style your hair, then the Big Chop is definitely something that has occupied your thoughts for some time. That being said, no matter the damage and frustration you can cause yourself, committing to the Big Chop is a hurdle for most of us due to fear of the unknown.  The keys for overcoming any apprehension related to the Big Chop is to first acquire the know-how to maintain your natural hair and secondly having the ideas and know-how to pull off the simple but yet versatile natural hairstyles you love. Once you are comfortable with these keys, you will find that your feelings of apprehension will transform itself into shear excitement to proceed.

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How to make Dreadlocks for Straight Hair


Flowing hair prepared for locking process.

How to make Dreadlocks is a question a lot of people I’ve came across have clearly pondering about. Some individuals had asked “Is that dreads?” knowing clearly that it is, but I guess they didn’t know the correct question to ask.”But how does the hair get like that?”, “are those braids?”, or just simply, “huh?”. Well, I’ve decided to write this article to provide some pondering minds with the answer they’ve wanted to know, while others may benefit from this article by learning how to create this unique hairstyle for themselves.

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Dandruff Prevention TIPS for Your Hair and Scalp


If you suffer from dandruff you are not alone. Did you know that dandruff is a common scalp disorder that affects about half of the population? The symptoms include flaking of the scalp, itching and inflammation. The severity of dandruff may fluctuate from season to season due to extreme weather conditions, with winter being the most severe for scalp irritations. There is hope to having healthy beautiful hair with dandruff free scalp.

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